About Us


Hua Sung Enterprises Ltd. and Risewing Holdings established in early 1974 and has been in business for more than 48 years till now. We mainly operate Chinese light industrial and textile products such as flashlights, batteries, domestic utilities, textile daily-use products and different variety products. Moreover, we are the specialist dealer and global sole agents of global famous "TigerHead" Brand Flashlights, "Kaida" Brand Flashlights, "Temple Of Heaven" Brand Essential Balm and "Ceiling Fan" Brand Hair Thread etc.. At the same time, the production and export quantity of "TigerHead" Brand Flashlights and Batteries, "Temple Of Heaven" Brand Essential Balm and "Ceiling Fan" Brand Hair Thread are the first in the world compared to similar categories of products from past years until now. The main selling markets of these commodities are Africa, Central South America, Middle East, South East Asia and Eastern Europe regions and are favouritely used by the people of these regions.

We warmly welcome all customers' any orders. Our objective is to respect customers and serve them sincerely and honestly with excellent quality which we believe we can surely reply all customers' any orders to their full satisfaction.



Sole Agents:    
"Tiger Head" Brand Flashlight
"Kaida" Brand Flashlight
"Ceiling Fan" Brand Cotton Hair Thread
"Yarico" Brand Battery
"Temple Of Heaven" Brand Essential Balm
"Yarico" Brand Flashlight Bulbs
"Akowa" Brand Flashlight Bulbs
"Anchor" Brand Hurricane Lantern
"Globe" Brand Cast Iron Padlock
"Diamond" Brand Alarm Clock

Main Dealing Products:
"Golden Rooster" Brand Alarm Clock
Battery Cells, Flashlight Bulbs, Enamelwares, Kerosene Stoves, Mosquito Coils, Vacuum Flasks, Pressure Lanterns, Iron & Laminated Padlocks, Door Locks & Locks, Bicycle Spare Parts, Tubes & Tyres, Cotton Goods & Knitted Wears, Bed Sheets, Hinges, Tower Bolts, Hasps & Staples, Roofing Nails, Bakelite Electric Fittings & Light Industrial Daily-Use Products, Etc.